Landlord and Tenant


When a landlord-tenant relationships goes awry, evicting a troublesome tenant can become quite the process. The Eviction law in NY is complicated and if not done properly, will leave a landlord with a nonpaying tenant longer than necessary. Our attorneys know the law and represent landlords throughout the Capital Region  seeking to remove problem tenants swiftly and effectively in accordance with the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law. We can assist so the landlord may recover possession of its investment property to re-rent.

 Common Tenant Violations:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Holding over beyond the lease term
  • Unlawful occupation
  • Premature surrender of premises
  • Breach of material lease terms

 Residential and Commercial Leasing:

Majority of landlord/tenant disputes can be prevented by having a written lease agreement. Clear provisions will allow each party to the lease to understand their respective duties and obligations. Our attorneys can assist you in drafting a lease that is custom-tailored to your wants and needs so that you may get the most out of renting your property and avoid any issues with future tenants.

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